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Hunting a segfault in Ruby on Rails

One of the benefits of modern languages is that you have some really great layers of abstraction between the programmer and the computer’s hardware. Very rar...

Sniffing network traffic remotely

This is a follow-up to a previous post about install tcpdump in boot2docker. On Tiny Core Linux tcpdump currently has a broken dependancy chain - netfilter f...


Inspecting Docker Traffic on OS X

Recently I was trying to debug an application I wrote that interfaces with Docker’s API. I realized a simple HTTP capture would be ideal for figuring out wha...


Dynamic DNS Load Balancing

Using a small Python script that runs when a new server is created lets us automatically add the server to DNS for round-robin based load balancing. This mak...

Developing Frozen Applications

Designing a SaaS application is easy. You code, you test, you push. Done. If you want to instantly see the changes, add the step of restarting the web server...